Wednesday, February 5, 2014

{me} answers.

* Are you a reader? What are you reading? What are your favorite books?
I do love to read... but I'm not reading anything right now. When I am reading a book (a novel, I guess...) I spend way too much time reading... stay up way too late reading... it's not the best for mommy-ing and teaching. Usually when I do read a novel, I read it in a day. Maybe two. So I try to save most of my reading for spring break, summer break and Christmas break. (I think I read 5 books over Christmas break...) 
 {Love Nicholas Sparks and own all of his books}

 {Really like Richard Paul Evans, too... and how cute and small his books are. Yes, it bothers me that my copy of The Locket is tall...}

{This book is on my nightstand, but I haven't started reading it yet.}

* If you could meet someone famous, who would you meet and why? 
Today, I'm thinking it would be fun to meet Candace Cameron Bure. I grew up watching her on "Full House," loved her brother in "Growing Pains," and love the way they are both using their lives and fame right now to promote such strong Christian values. I think that she could sit down with my friends and I and we could all just talk life and marriage and parenting and Jesus. (Beki, you would definitely be invited... since you two are internet BFF's and all.) =)

I should probably check out her book, huh? The title sounds about like my life! (I don't look nearly as put together when I do my balancing act, though.)

* What did you see today that took your breath away?
My options are limited today, since I never left the house... but my favorite sights from today were: 
* Beautiful snow outside (mainly beautiful because I didn't have to be outside in it...)
* Lawson curled up on the couch reading (he read an entire book... pretty sure he's my kid.)
* Hearing Sophie down in her room, singing. 
* Gretchen at the table, playing with play-do and just having the best little time.
* Corey coming in the door at 7:45 am, after being out moving snow all night. (This technically happened the day after all those others, but it was still a pretty sweet sight...)

* Any regrets? 
The only thing I can come up with was including a friend in a very special moment. Then that friend decided they didn't want to be friends with me anymore. So now I regret having them be a part of that moment.  

* Your most perfect day?
This one really depends on the day and on my mood. When Corey and I went to the cattle sale in OK a few years ago, this day spent alone was a perfect day...

But I've had some pretty perfect days spending time with friends, too... 

And I've had some pretty good days spending time with these people, too... 

Selfishly, my favorite days are probably the first two. Time alone or time with friends. Just because it doesn't happen as often... they generally don't involve any stress or arguing or whining... and they are the days that I feel like recharge me and make me a better mommy. 

* Favorites? 
Favorite songs: Sophie asked me this today and I couldn't come up with much. I love music, but I'm not good with song titles or artists. I like a variety, but all things I can understand and sing along with. (not a fan of hard, heavy metal stuff.) My van radio is set to a Christian station and the cd player has Brooks and Dunn... Glee soundtrack... Bible school songs... Johnny Cash... John Denver... Mamma Mia soundtrack. A bit eclectic. My kitchen cd player only has 2 cd's... Straight No Chaser Christmas cd and this one... 

Favorite weather: warm (capris, a long sleeve t-shirt or hoodie and flip flops... that is perfect weather.)

Favorite season: fall 

Favorite scents: vanilla, apple, fruity smells, cinnamon

Did not know the pregnant mermaid bit...

Favorite color: green, followed closely by blue and yellow, plus red. I like color. =)
{Our kitchen barstools make me really happy}

Favorite movie: There are a lot of movies I really like. Some of the ones I can watch over and over (and that pop into my head right now...) 
* Miracle (the story of the US hockey team)
* Tangled
* You've Got Mail
* Rudy
* The Family Man (this is where Corey and I got our "I choose us" line...)
* The Sandlot
* Ramona & Beezus
* Remember the Titans
* Notting Hill
* How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (these last 3 I need to get on DVD... I just have them on VHS.)

Favorite candy: Skittles! (but peanut butter M&M's are right up there, too.)
(One of my sweet teaching partners brought me this for my birthday one year. She also sent me a sweet house warming gift: an adorable painted sign and a big bag of Skittles. I love that she remembers I love them. It makes me think I need to learn the favorite candies of all my friends. And Sonic drinks!)

Favorite restaurant: Olive Garden (I could eat just soup and salad and be perfectly content. But they have some cheesy pasta dish that I can remember the name of. Love that, too!)
{And Panera! I LOVE Panera!}

Favorite skin care: I'm lame. I don't have a favorite skin care routine. (I should probably be asking for advice on this or something.) It's a rather odd assortment of Paula's Choice (a gift from my sister), Mary Kay, Cetaphil, and generic Neutragena. 

Same with make-up... an odd assortment.

Favorite foods: cheese or anything cheesy... I am super healthy. Yes. (This was my meal for Corey and I's anniversary dinner. Basically pasta and 6 different kinds of cheese. So yummy.)

Peanut butter donuts are always good, too... 

Favorite stores: Target, Eddie Bauer, Michaels/Hobby Lobby (If I could only shop at those stores for the rest of my life, I would probably be content.)

Favorite flowers: daisies will always be my favorite. (I really like tulips, too.)

How's that for lots of useless information about me? =) 
We're all getting to enjoy snow day #2 today (Corey worked 24 hours yesterday, so they're letting him stay home today. He's really just sleeping, though, so I'm not sure how much he's enjoying his day at this point...) 
More answers will be coming at some point, right now I need to be productive and get some things crossed off my list! (and build something out of Tinker Toys with Lawson. That kid is not awesome at entertaining himself without something electronic in his hands...)


Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog! What "SuperWhy" app are you talking about? Just the general one? Thanks!

Toni :O) said...

This was SO fun to read! I'm fairly certain we'd be friends in real life if I lived down the road from you because we each like an awful lot of the same things! Flowers, scents, books, pasta, the list goes on. Pretty cool! Thanks for taking the time and to include photos too-although I wish it were flip flop weather. I'm totally over Winter since we've had 67" of snow since November here in Michigan. I'm done, it's not pretty any more, I'm tired of not being able to see over 5 foot snow piles to pull out into a street and I'm totally over shoveling all this! Accckkk! Wonder if Corey feels the same way about snow after working such long shifts...good grief! Have a great rest of your week/weekend sweet family! :O)