Friday, February 22, 2013

snow days.

We got just a tiny bit of snow here yesterday... like 10 inches of snow.

I taught for 1.5 days this week. {Which was pretty darn nice, I'm not gonna lie. It's like an early Spring Break... except for all the snow.}

Huge, beautiful flakes all day yesterday. It was so pretty and peaceful. 
{And although it wasn't always peaceful inside the house (a few mommy and kid meltdowns) we did have some fun.}
{thanks, Courtney, for the idea!}

Curly hair after a bath... {she played in the tub for 45 minutes yesterday. Sophie and Lawson took turns playing with her while I read a book}

 {This needs some work still...}

{He figured out how to cross his eyes awhile back. And then taught Gretchen. It's not my favorite thing.}

{Happy momma when this little miss didn't want to go out} 

{So much laundry. Always.}

{Hot chocolate}

{Mommy needed some quiet}

 {Snow ice cream}

{Happy mailman}


Holly said...

I love this post, way to embrace it!
(but MAN, I DO NOT miss this part about the mid-west!)

Chad and Jody said...

What was the stuff in the pan they were squirting with food coloring? looked like a fun day! Have you seen the forecast for Sunday night into Monday?