Sunday, February 17, 2013

bb guns.

Lawson has been loving his new BB gun he got for Christmas.
He hasn't gotten to shoot it too much (living in town isn't real conducive to BB guns), but Corey has taken him out to the farm a few times since Christmas. 

This day, we took out our little gingerbread barn we made during Christmas.

Even Sophie and I got in on the action... 

I'm pretty sure this was my very first time shooting any kind of gun. It was a tiny bit addictive, especially when we changed our target...

See that window clear at the top? There was no glass left in it when we were done. (All this did come with a lecture about how the ONLY REASON we were shooting at the house is because it was being torn down soon. We NEVER, NEVER, NEVER shoot at houses or windows otherwise.)

The tiny little window in the door was our next target.

This momma got to be pretty good with my aim, too. (Think I can scare away the serial killers with a BB gun or a pellet gun?? You know that's where the serial killers go... to the country. That's what I keep telling my husband, anyway.)

By the way... that house you see? It's not there anymore.
This farmhouse stuff is getting closer! =)


Heather said...

I'm so jealous Amy!! Farm life and shooting guns!!

jenn said...

i hope you saved me some of the wood from that cutie little house!!! :)