Saturday, September 1, 2012


I have big plans for this weekend. 
Not plans that others would consider big, though. 
Maybe more like big goals for this weekend. 
Goal #1: Organization. 

This house is making me crazy. 
It's time for some serious organization. 
Between this house and school, I'm still feeling overwhelmed. 
But I'm past the "this makes me so overwhelmed, I just want to cry" feeling. 
Now I'm at the "this makes me so overwhelmed, it just gives me a headache to look at" feeling. 

So I'm hoping to use this weekend to conquer the chaos. 
As soon as I finish this post, I'm starting by making myself a list. 
It's been a couple weeks since I made a list on my cute little clipboard. 
That's crazy, right?! You know how I love my lists. 

I have a new system for school lists, though. 
It's been a life changing thing for me. Seriously. 
Check out my Stickies... 

If you have a Mac, you must discover these. Different colors... you can make them just little strips and stack them up... and they are always right there on your desktop. No little pieces of paper to keep track of. I love them. Love, love, love. 

But I still need my cute clipboard list at home with my weekly to-do-list. 
I have started a few Stickies on my Mac at home, but it slows me down and distracts me to open my computer to look at a list. But I do have a few lists going... a random to-do-list (things that I need to add to my clipboard list), a Walmart list and a blog post ideas list. (Obviously not doing too well on that list lately.) 

In other randomness... (because that is how my brain is working right now)... 

* Corey caved and subscribed to Netflix through the Wii. We were trying to save $$ by only getting basic cable. We went ahead and got a DVR so that I could record the shows that I like to watch. (I hardly ever watch anything live.) I also figured I could have several kids shows saved so that they could always have something to watch (Arthur, Kratt's Kreatures, Super Why, Little House on the Prairie, etc.) 

Lawson loves it. (He's our techie kid. I have no idea how he figure out some of the things he knows how to do.) His favorite things to watch are "Phineas and Ferb" (which Gretchie says as all one word), Billy the Exterminator and the old school Power Rangers tv shows. (Wow. Some of those special effects are... I don't even know the word I'm looking for. Pretty special, that's for sure.) =) 

The Wii remotes were never getting put away though, because they were out so much more often. Happy I kept this cute little box from my favorite 1st grade teacher next door to me. (Who just had a baby yesterday!!) (fyi... Abby was my favorite, too. Just she wasn't next door. She was my favorite 1st grade teacher 2 doors down.) =) 

And just for those of you who think I am exaggerating about the disorganization that we are living with right now...

Isn't this just what you want to see when you first walk in the door? Ugh.
(fyi... that used to be a fountain under the stairs. Isn't it pretty? We're hoping to figure out a fairly easy and inexpensive way to make it look a little nicer and use it for storage.) 

Some of these pictures found a home last weekend. Others got packed into a Rubbermaid container for the basement. (Which has never made it to the basement and is still sitting in the exact same spot it was a week ago.) Ugh. 

Then there's the craft room...

and the playroom... (which quite honestly will probably never look much better than this. It's pretty much completely off on it's own in the house, so I'm okay with it staying somewhat messy. I'll do some work in here, but I won't expect this room to be organized all the time.) 

Ok... off to make my list! 
And feed these darn kids. 


Melissa Jensen said...

Amy I HATE moving!! I truly dislike finding new spaces for everything, places to redo my decor, places for all our stuff!! We have live here two months and we still need to do the wall hangings, well except the kids rooms, but still, it is so difficult for me. I have moved a lot and I always need to buy things for the new home to make things work and I strongly dislike that too!! Currently we are looking for a farm house to gut and restore or if that does not pan out in the next 2 years then we will just build our own. Just keep telling yourself one step at a time, surely by the time we are 80 we can sit back and relax--right??? Going to make my list too after this message--we are so much alike:) I am okay with that b/c I think you are pretty awesome!!

Holly said...

I mean this to encourage, not discourage:

Jake and I are usually unpacked and put away with in a week of moving to a new place
the organization never really settles in until like 1 1/2 years later.
It doesn't look like we just moved in after being somewhere for a week but I'm ALL OUT OF SORTS for a long while. (Like I can't remember where the knife drawer is or I go to where the trash was in the old house only to find it's not there in the new house!)
Grooves (another word for organization) take time to dig.
The encouragement? Lower your expectations.
Put stuff away - nothing else.
Organize little bits here and there as you go but don't try to Put Stuff Away and Organize/Groove all at the same time.
It won't happen and it's depressing to expect that!

So, go make your lists to put stuff away - drop the organize for now, pick it up little bits as you go!

Holly said...

AH! I forgot:

I have moved 14 times.

I have authority in this area - really, it does.

Dawn Gross said...

Love your lists ... and the new house looks so cute!

Jessica said...

Could you put your dog's bed in the old fountain space?

Amy said...

We actually joked about that when we first looked at the house, Jessica! I don't think she would like it very much, though. It's pretty curved at the bottom and she likes to sprawl out usually when she sleeps. It seems like it would be a good fit, though, doesn't it?! :)