Saturday, September 29, 2012

state fair.

Sophie and Gretchen loved the pink tractor. Pretty sure they won't convince Daddy, though.

Last year Gretchen wouldn't touch the free ice cream. She's finally decided she likes ice cream this past year. And chocolate. Crazy baby.

Watching the boat rides and the zip line and listening to the K-State Marching Band...

We had a fun little surprise for Lawson. The grown-ups planned this little meet up, but didn't tell our boys. They were pretty excited to see each other...

Sophie got to add Grandpa to the wall of "favorite veterinarians" this year. Every other year, he's already been added by the time we got there.

These two were so fun to watch. They walked around almost holding hands, then they would realize that they were almost holding hands and pull away. Two minutes later, though, they would be back to almost holding hands. It was sweet.

I love Lawson's face here. He was loving this sweet baby calf.

He's been spending lots of time with Grandpa lately, going to check the pasture for new baby calves. He's getting pretty brave. I'm pretty sure he would have curled up right beside this baby if he could have.

This wasn't nearly as impressive as it was supposed to be. We've seen Grandpa do the real thing.

I'm not sure I would want Corey walking around wearing a shirt that says, "I {love} my crazy wife." It might be true, but I don't really need him advertising it.

Just nasty...

Let's go back to this picture again. Because seriously, who wants to end with that nasty pig picture in their head??

Unfortunately, we left the fair on a sour note.
Attitudes spiraled downward pretty quickly.
Grown-ups got annoyed with whiny kids and grouchy at each other.
Not quite how you want to a end a fun family day.
Don't you hate that? When what was supposed to be a fun day, and for the most part was a fun day, ends up finishing on a bad note?
Please tell me we we're not the only ones that experience that?


Ben said...

I still remember my mom hollering, "is this the thanks I get?" after days like you have described. I'm pretty sure it's the way everyone rolls. :) hope you are enjoying your school year!

Dawn Gross said...

You are NOT alone on that one. At all.

The Boccias said...

Umm, we just ended time at the pumpkin patch that same awesome way!

Toni :O) said...

Hilarious and yup, has happened to us! At least you got some GREAT photos (I heart your Gretchie!) of you beautiful children!

Angie said...

You are not alone! :). Why does it end that way so often??

Jenny said...

Nope not alone with that! We have definitely had those days! Looks like you had fun before though! :0)

rentz said...

Love the pics of our boys. I'm glad my kid is friends with a kid whose mom documents these fun things! ;)

Christina said...

Clearly you are not alone! My favorite is when I pick the kids up from Bible study and they fight all the way home. Awesome. :P
Sorry about the sour note, but it does look like there were some super moments, too! :)