Friday, December 24, 2010

christmas eve.

Some fun traditions... fun things planned... fun ideas... 
but the evening may or may not have been so fun. 

This happy face lasted until he saw his new pajamas. Then, rude comments were made... bad attitude and someone small and red headed may or may not have been carried to his room. And he may or may not have been yelling and crying. Good times.

Maybe we're not so ready for this little miss to start talking yet. As long as she's not talking, she can't talk back, right?

Gretchie likes her new jammies.

This face was happy and sweet and went and talked to her brother about how he had been rude and suggested that he apologize so we could go look at Christmas lights. He did. We did. And we were very proud of her and her sweet, grateful attitude. 

Then she actually put on her pajamas...

The pants were floppy and too big and were going to fall off. I may have even gotten an "I'm sorry this is hurting your feelings, but WHY would you buy me pants this big?!" (fyi... They are the perfect size. She's just freaky about how clothes feel.) So someone taller and blonde may or may not have been sent to her room. And she may or may not have been stomping and sassing the whole way. More good times.

But this crazy momma still thought maybe we could get a cute kid picture in front of the tree...

Daddy's trying to help get Gretchen in the picture...

Gretchie kept trying to brush Sophie's hair. She may or may not have just whacked her in the head with the brush here. And Mommy may or may not have thought she deserved it.

Poor Sophie. Hates her jammies so much that she couldn't even smile...

But at least Lawson's happy now... (and loving his jammies that he hated 2 hours ago)

Sophie really wanted to leave cookies and milk out for Santa. But she may or may not have been sent to bed early. So Lawson took over the note to Santa.

Mommy planned on making gingerbread cookies and letting the kids decorate them. (One of the fun ideas that didn't quite happen.) So we were going to leave Santa some of the yummy red velvet cookies that Miss Amy made for us. (But Marley ate them all.) So Santa got 3 mint Oreos...

No peppermint shakes. (But the ice cream is still in the freezer)
No "It's a Wonderful Life." (But it's on the DVR) 
No gingerbread cookies. (But the dough is in the fridge) 
No cute Christmas Eve picture. (But still 3 cute kids)

So let's just pretend that these three kids were all together in front of the tree tonight. Happy kids. All at the same time. Even though it may or may not have happened. 

And Mommy and Daddy may or may not have added a little bit of something strong to their gingerale once these kids all went to bed.
So far away from the evening that I had planned. The evening that I wanted to blog about.
But this is real life. Life with 3 kids and 2 very imperfect parents.
Good times, I tell ya.


Holly said...

we had a pj melt down moment too.
only one kid, but it still made me 'laugh' to see this.

Courtney said...

real life...thanks for sharing! hope today was wonderful!

Hanni said...

I love hearing that others have the same issues that we do. Decorating our tree was kind of the same as your Christmas Eve. It wasn't the wonderful night I had planned. In the end, it was memories and SOMEDAY you will all be recalling the year that Sophie and Lawson threw fits about PJ's. Until then, hang in there. Merry Christmas. Miss you so much.

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

I'm sorry it didn't go as planned, but I am SO DANG HAPPY that you are normal!

Butterball said...

Reality is fortunately and unfortunately... real. Great, GREAT post, Aim!

Melanie said...

I just stopped by from Meg's blog and your post is too funny! I know that it might not have been that evening but it made for some fun reading:)

Happy New Years!

meg duerksen said...

they get bigger and it gets worse.
ha ha ha!!
we went to church and huge fight broke out on the way with punching and name calling.
then when we got home the jammies were a hit but the cookies were not.
we said "everyone to bed!"
no movie.
no family time.
that's it.
complete with spankings after they wouldn't quit coming out. merry christmas everyone!!!