Sunday, December 19, 2010


I keep hearing about all these little babies and all the words they are saying.
Not this little miss.
She can say mama. She says it occasionally. Mainly when she's crying.
She can say dada. She says it once in awhile.
She said "up" a couple times.
We're pretty sure she said "duck" one day.
She could be saying much more, I'm sure. But she doesn't.
She chatters non-stop and makes the cutest sounds ever, but there's only one actual word.
What does she say??
Shoes.  ("soos")

It's the cutest little word ever. Her tiny little voice. Her sweet little face looking up at you as she carries your shoes to you or grabs her little black sparkly shoes or her little pink heart shoe socks. 

I know she'll talk someday. 
I'm pretty sure she could talk now if she really wanted to. 
So we'll wait. 
And smile every time we hear her say "soos."   


Unknown said...

No need to fret Amy. My little Parker is 18 months and says very few words :) He says mommy, daddy, Paigy, ziggy (a dog), and WOW. I guess we should enjoy the silence while we can.

The Sieberts said...

enjoy the silence! :o)

Jenny said...

Just wait, one of my daughter, Lily's first words was she LOVES them! We can't walk by a shoe aisle w/out her asking for new ones or her telling me which ones are "cute". I'm just warning you. ;0)

amy d said...

sounds like your gonna have a shoe hoarder on your hands...better start saving now! :)

Toni :O) said...

Just adorable as her! Merry Merry Christmas sweet family!