Tuesday, September 14, 2010


We won't talk about the final score.
It was just their first game, after all.
He had lots of fun.
And this is way more exercise than t-ball.


flower power momma said...

Looks like your 'red headed wonder' did great! Fun to see the expressions on all their faces.

You're doing a grand job balancing life. I know the challenges of being a mom of 3. My babies are 30, 27 and 21....years.

Momma H said...

Looks like a champion soccer player in the making. Don't ya just love the mob that moves from one end of the field to the other? Brings back long ago memories!

Allen and Debby Graber said...

What cool pictures! Recognized a few of those kids from church!

rentz said...

He's wearing #5. That's Brookie's number-destined for greatness! :)

Kylah Marro said...

Fall means soccer and I can't wait to be a soccer mom!!!! NEXT YEAR ;o)

jennifer said...

SO cute to see them all out there! You'll have a fun fall going to all those games :)