Friday, September 3, 2010


So apparently Fernando and Misael each have two pairs of tennis shoes.
Today they are both wearing blue.
Darn it.


rentz said...

Pretty funny! And they also probably share the black and white shoes. It's a conspiracy!

Amanda said...


Kendall Smith said...

This post made much more sense after I read your previous one. :-)

Anonymous said...


What about greeting them each morning with a different hand stamp. As long as they'll be honest at the start then you'll be set for the day. Or ask by name one of them at the beginning of the day to do something for you and reward that one with a hand stamp.
I wonder if the mother even bothers to tell them apart.

Amy said...

They are very honest about which one is which. Which I appreciate. :) And mom can tell them apart without even looking at them, just by their voices. But I'm picturing them in high school... switching places and tricking teachers. :)

amy said...

i just had identical twins in my class & i am now a firm believer that twins should be in separate classes. and, ita about spending time in your classroom on your own time...i could live in my classroom & still not be caught up. enjoy your holiday weekend! :)