Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I remembered "Wellness Wednesday" today and got to wear my sweats to school. So nice. So comfy. I'm positive I could still be a good teacher if I wore these everyday.

Funny though... the first few kids in my classroom this morning didn't recognize me. I had my hair all pulled back in a ponytail (which I do all the time at home... but I guess I haven't worn it quite like that to school... several people commented on my hair today. Hmm... the day I get compliments on my hair is the day that I do nothing to it.)

So here's the conversation with one of my more amusing kiddos... he's still looking at me kind of funny... like he's still not really sure it's me.
Me: Do I really look that different?
Kid: Yeah. I think it's that black thing you have on the back of your head.
Me: You mean my ponytail?
Kid: Yeah... cuz you don't normally do that.

Bummer though... only 2 other teachers remembered that it was "Wellness Wednesday" and dressed accordingly. And I'm pretty sure our principal forgot, too. So I'll probably be getting an email in a day or two about not dressing professionally. :)

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