Thursday, January 28, 2010


I'm so tired.
A 12 hour school day was not what I needed today.

I just put a sleeping baby down in her bouncy seat.
She's no longer asleep.
Praying she falls back to sleep soon.
Praying she sleeps more tonight than she did last night.
Praying that I sleep more tonight than I did last night.
Praying that she starts eating more and breathing better.
Praying that the predicted 5-10 inches of snow might actually earn us a well deserved snow day.

I really need a snow day.


Cassie said...

praying with you tonight.
lots and lots and lots of snow! :)

Aaron and Shannon said...

I completely feel your pain...we have not been sleeping at our house either. Hopefully things will settle down for both of us. Praying for you.

angie schmidt said...

Hang in there! I saw you emailed me at 1:00 this morning, so I am assuming not a very restful night. I was surprised they closed Wichita schools and not ours. I guess they thought there would be a lot of disappointed kids if they didn't get to celebrate Kansas' birthday! Praying for you and Gretchen today.