Sunday, November 4, 2007

final weekend.

6 evenings of Judgement House.
2700 people.
169 people asking Jesus into their hearts for the first time.
181 people rededicating their lives to Him.

My favorite story... a 9 year old girl, talking with a counselor afterward. She asked Jana, "How do I not sin anymore?" As Jana explained to the little girl that she would still sin and she would always be a sinner, but it's okay... she had asked Jesus in her heart, He will always forgive her sins and her name was now written in the Book of Life and it would never be erased. The little girl said, "I'm picturing a really permanent marker." Jana said, "Yes! Even better than a Sharpie!" Then they were reading the verse about God holding you in His hands and the devil cannot snatch you out. The little girl said, "I'm picturing God with really big hands. And the devil with teeny, tiny hands."

She even drew a picture of this in her new Bible she was given.
So thankful for all the people involved who made this a reality.

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