Monday, November 12, 2007


No one has any opinions or suggestions for our garage doors?
C'mon people... that's not very helpful.
I know you're out there reading... just leave me a comment.
My working mommy mind can't be expected to make big, important decisions like this on my own.
And yes, garage door colors qualify as a big, important decision.
We need some input.
Or they may stay white for a very long time.
We don't like white around here, remember? :)


Christine E. said...

Hi there! We painted our garage doors black. The rest of our house is white, with black shutters. We really like that dark/light contrast. Think it looks kind of classy--even though the doors need repainting after 3 years of harsh Kansas weather. Not saying you should go with black, but perhaps a darker color in order to provide the contrast. Weren't you considering the dark green to match doors and trim elsewhere?

Anonymous said...

I like navy. Doesn't it complement the other door to the garage?

Eric and Pam said...

i say green. :)

sorry, just catching up otherwise I'd have put my two cents in a long time ago. You know how opinionated I can be...