Saturday, March 19, 2016

spring break.

{Front porch camping}

{Space Mud}

{Happy, colorful organization... I can already breathe easier}
#springbreak #decrapification

{This poor room has been neglected since it flooded (again) and Gretchen moved out.
I'm currently in the "Spring Break is almost over and I still have things to cross off my list!" frantic mode!}


 So many things on my To-Do-Lists! And so many things crossed off!! Love that feeling! 

{My box full of stuff that belongs somewhere else in the house. Upstairs version.}
#decrapification #putstuffwhereitgoes

{I have been in full on decrapifying mode this weekend. I need a couple more days!!}
#decrapification #whydowehavesomuchstuff

{So I borrowed a friend's carpet cleaner. And now I'm both happy and horrified.}

 See this tiny little wet section of carpet? 

This is what the water looked like after that little section. Gross. 

Guess who now owns that carpet cleaner? ;)

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