Saturday, May 2, 2015

barn fire.

So we had a little bit of excitement here at the farm over Spring Break. 

Corey and his brother had a big ol' burn pile going back behind the old stone barn. I never saw it when the flames were rolling, but apparently it was pretty big. 

They were keeping a close eye on the chicken house (that has no chickens. Maybe someday...) but missed the ember that floated up and over and landed on the one spot on the old barn that didn't have tin on the roof. 

I had taken drinks out to them and was standing there talking to Casey when all of a sudden he says, "something not family friendly" and takes off running. Corey immediately followed him, jumping a fence (well, almost...). I was still standing there, search around frantically, trying to figure out what we were looking at! (See that little billow of smoke?) 

The barn isn't real close to the house, so we weren't worried at all about that. I went running for my camera (life needs documented!) and told the kids that fire trucks would be coming but everything was fine and to STAY ON THE DECK!

I wish I would have started timing from the moment Casey called it in until fire trucks arrived. I'm sure it wasn't as along as it seemed... and I'm sure for living in the country, the response time was pretty quick... but I couldn't help but think, "If this was our house... and a real fire... this would not be awesome." 

Corey and Casey pretty much had it all out before the fire trucks even arrived. But they sprayed everything really, really well just to make sure.

 Casey looks like he's mad here. He wasn't. He was just gesturing at the moment I took the picture.

Everything ended up fine. The hole that was already in the roof just got a little bit bigger. =)
And we got another fun farm life story to tell!

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