Saturday, March 21, 2015

january/february random.

It's a little sad how many pictures we have of these two. But they're just so sweet... =) 

Sophie played on a YMCA basketball team. Pink Danger. =)

Her first game she made 3 out of 4 free throws. She was pretty excited! (The season kind of went downhill from there, though...) Not bad. Just very few wins.

My basketball watching buddy...

I sometimes wonder what her pre-school teachers think. #shemakesmesmile #pickyourbattles

She really DOES make me smile! =)

This just might be the cutest bumblebee I've ever seen...

This is still true about me...

And this is how my family feels about that sometimes... #smothered.

Night 1 of Parent/Teacher Conferences... DONE! (So lucky to work with such fun people!) =)

This girl. We lived 9 miles away from each other for a lot of years. We had several mutual friends. But we never met each other. Until we both moved here, the summer of 2012. We were at different schools, but the same school district. Then she got moved to my building. Right across the hall. And I'm so glad she did. All our mutual friends who told us we needed to meet each other were right. So glad God moved us here together!

Night 2... DONE! Which meant... a 3 day weekend! Yahoo! =) 

Someone was REALLY excited that P/T conferences were over! 

Sometimes, friends lock all their keys in their room... #buddieswait


This cat. We've pulled her out of the dishwasher... the washing machine... the kitchen sink... the dryer... the mudroom sink... the toilet. She's a mess.  #smidget

Wacky Wednesday during Dr. Seuss week. Lawson rocked the 6 pigtails and Gretchen's tutu.

I *thought* my leggings, shorts, rain boots and pigtails were wacky... until I got to school...

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flower power momma said...

Breath in.... breath out . Looks like you continue to do a good job balancing it all. I'm always amazed at women like you.