Wednesday, June 18, 2014

crafts. {with cousins}

This is the last of our "cousin pictures." The kids all had so much fun together! 
(Although Sophie and Grandma are headed to their house in 2 days!! She might have been counting down for awhile now! Her first real airplane ride AND a trip to her cousins... so exciting!)

Grandma bought some rainbow loom kits and Sophie taught the girls how to make bracelets... 

Maggie was a rainbow loom superstar!

Grandma always has fun crafts for everyone, though. (And this was only 1/2 of them! A trip to the swimming pool cut into our craft time.)

Mom found some cute Shrinky Dink bracelet kits for these two...

The Shrinky Dinks before...

While they were cooking...

And after... (the we fastened their little charms on to bracelets. Which I never got a picture of...)

No pictures of the boys during craft time.
They were busy at the pasture cutting thistles and poison hemlock with Grandpa.
The littlest boy was busy playing dress up... but his momma didn't want pictures of that. =)

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Anonymous said...

What fun memories for all of you, Amy! - Jen in OH