Saturday, January 11, 2014

goals. and randomness.

I always have lists of things to do... areas to organize... things to make... projects for school... projects for home... lots of ideas and goals. 

{Here's our Christmas gingerbread house... still in the box. It might become a Valentine house.}

{This was the temperature on Monday at 9:00 am. The windchill was -22.* 
We enjoyed our "too cold for school" day and staying home one extra day.}

But for 2014, I have one major goal... to be more on the ball and stay on top of things. (Obviously I'm doing well since I'm posting about my 2014 goal on Jan. 11th...)

{I love our big kitchen island for lots of reasons. This is one of them.}

I spent the last half of 2012 and most of 2013 feeling behind. Behind on life... behind at school... behind on so many things. I don't love that feeling. I especially don't love it when it ends up costing us things like late fees... missed deadlines... missed occasions. That happened way too much last year. 

{My sweet 11 year old niece painted this for Corey and I for Christmas. We LOVE it!}

Budgeting... chore systems... allowances... Bible reading... organizing... selling unused things... blog books (2012 and 2013)... exercising... those are all goals for the year, too. But they also fall under the category of just staying on top of things. 

We have big dreams that this summer, 2014, is finally going to be our relaxing summer. 2012 was spent uprooting our whole life and moving here. 2013 was spent finishing building this house and moving out here. At this point, there are no huge, life-changing events planned for 2014. And I kind of want to keep it that way. 

There are friends I want to reconnect with. (Hanni... this WILL be our year!) Friends I want to spend more time with.

There are little hearts and minds to shape and mold. Both at school and at home. I want to get better with chores and responsibilities and making sure to instill a good work ethic in these little people of ours.

Since it is now 12:05 pm... I should probably do some things like shower... get dressed... start working on laundry, cleaning, etc. You know, since I'm so on top of things. =) At least I can cross "random blog post" off my list now!

Happy 2014! (11 days late)


merlin said...

our gingerbread house is still in the box as well...

Toni :O) said...

I love the little feet sticking out of the fort-so dang cute! I'm right there with you. I felt SO good yesterday after cleaning out our linen closet and reoganizing-it felt GREAT! I have three more closets and our laundry room area to reorganize/clean out and all the toys/bins in our family room. I also have our 2013 Snapfish photo book to complete...yeah, my list is sorta like yours I guess. We will and CAN do it us busy Momma's!! I feel it!! Let's GO! Woot Woot! :O)

flower power momma said...

I think all you mommas are doing a GREAT job. Your children are fed and loved and know it. What better gift is that?
But I do understand the lists of things to accomplish. After all we women keep it going for everyone don't we?
Blessings on those lists, but lots of peace and grace too.

Melissa said...

You pretty much summed up my goal for this year as well! We CAN do this:) I am currently working on a reward system that works for our family. We have not done a good job at chores and responsibilities and I am determined to change that.