Sunday, September 15, 2013

chuck e. cheese.

Our little trips to Oklahoma to visit my aunt and uncle have become some of our kids favorite memories! We didn't make it to Kiddie Park last year because of all the craziness of moving. This summer was pretty crazy, too, but we decided to make a little trip a couple weeks ago right before they closed for the season. 

We've always gone during the summer and went for a Thursday/Friday/home on Saturday. This year we went after school had started, so we didn't get to leave until after school on Friday. Our drive is longer now, too, so we didn't get there in time to go to Kiddie Park that evening. We got everyone to bed fairly soon after we got there, because we knew we had a busy, busy day the next day! 

Aunt Aletha and Uncle Pete always take us to Chuck E. Cheese in Tulsa. (Our kids didn't even realize we have them in Kansas until a couple years ago. This is the only one we've ever been to!)

How does Chuck E. Cheese take some of the most photogenic pictures?

This game was Gretchen's favorite. (Guess we need to use the air hockey table we have in our basement a little more! Or get her a stool to stand on.)

Always a good time. =)

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Chuck E Cheese is our granddaughter's favorite places to go. But it is too noisy for me. We let it be the place where the "wild" grandparents take them (Adam's parents!)!!