Thursday, April 11, 2013

10 days ago.

I got to meet my newest niece a couple weekends ago. Emma. Isn't she a happy, chubby little thing?

And I got to see my sister, which is always a good time. I think it had been 9 months since we had seen each other? 

Unfortunately, my grandma's funeral was the reason for her visit. (My dad's mom. But apparently we never got a picture with my dad.)

She was 93 and she had lived a really good life. She was ready to go home, she had been in some pain and it was time. Funerals are never easy, but they are easier when the person is 93. My dad and my uncle both spoke at the funeral and did a great job. I admire them both.
My Grandma Ruby and my cousin, Lacey. 

We had Lawson's birthday, Easter and my grandma's funeral all in the same weekend. And they were digging our basement and pouring the walls those days, too. It was a tad chaotic. (Hence the reason I am just now blogging about this and why we were dying Easter eggs before we went to bed on Easter Sunday. I just wasn't keeping up that weekend.) 

But regardless of the circumstances... any time spent with family is always a fun time. These 3 definitely had a fun time with Baby Emma. She was never lacking for attention when they were around. =) 

The night of the funeral, we had all eaten supper at my mom and dad's house. Corey and I left to get all the kids home for bed around 8:15. I ended up coming home, getting kids to bed, (changing into my pajamas) and then going back to mom and dad's. It ended up being my mom, my dad, my sister and I... all just sitting around and talking... until 11:30 pm. (When my mom made me go home, since I had school the next day.) =) We were trying to remember back to the last time it was just the 4 of us together. No kids (we have 10 between the 2 of us!), no husbands (only 2 of those)... just us. Years ago, I'm sure. It was nice. (Especially when we started getting tired and slap-happy.)

A sad day, but it ended with a happy memory.
I like happy memories. =)

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Happy memories here too!