Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th of july.

The theme for the evening was "spend as much time as possible with your best friends because we are moving in 9 days." So that's just what we did...

We also did a awful lot of fireworks. The kids and daddies did, anyway.

Gretchen LOVED the snappers! 

She really liked the little confetti poppers, too! 

She has the most animated facial expressions. Cracks me up all the time. 

We just might be working on an arranged marriage here... 

Love these sweet faces... 

Aren't they cute? 

They're cute, too. And so happy together.  

Fuzzy picture, but it's Brookie's favorite holiday! 

This is the first year I've ever seen the floating lanterns up close. I didn't really realize they had so much fire in them! A little bit scary.

Especially when they do things like land in trees.
Trees that haven't seen any rain in weeks and weeks.

Such a fun evening spent with some of the people we love the most.
Sophie and Lawson really could not have done any better on their picks for best friends.
And the fact that their mommas ended up being two of my best friends just makes it that much better.
(The daddies all get along, too!)
Gina's oldest son, in the green, is best friends with Danielle's son, in the black.
And then Gretchen and Jobe will be married some day. =)
We just fit together amazingly well.


Holly said...

*sigh*...moving bites.

(uh...that last picture looks like the house is on FIRE!
the way it's lit up and the way everyone is looking at it! I have fire on the brain with parents in the Springs!)

Amy said...

It does look like it's on fire!! But it wasn't. Whew. :)

Danielle said...

You are amazing! What a great post just a week before you move. It was one of my most favorite nights - EVER! Love you and your sweet little family.

Laura said...

Leaving a comment. You are beautiful and have a beautiful family. Continuing to pray as you make the move.

Chad and Jody said...

looks like a really fun night!

Allen and Debby Graber said...

Sooo, did the tree catch on fire? Did you have to call the fire department? Were you one of those 44 fires they had to put out?? As I was scrolling down and saw the house all lit up, my first thought was "Oh no! The house is on fire!" It is hard to move, isn't it? And leave bestest friends.

Amy said...

No fires and no fire department!
44 fires to put out?! Yikes!

rentz said...

Love this. I remember looking at everyone at one point and thinking: I love this night and these friends. But, man, I'm going to miss having you in town!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...


Jennifer said...

What fun! Next year I will have to get those lanterns. I didn't realize they were so big. I just realized that Gina lives in Angela's old house! Neat place and great back yard!

Courtney said...

wow...what a gift to have such amazing friendships. AND to have the moms, dads AND kids all like each other! that's so rare!!