Tuesday, June 14, 2011

uncle earl's.

{This is a couple weeks old... I've been busy organizing and got behind on blogging! Trying to play catch up now!}

My kids had so much fun last year when we visited my uncle and cousin's Funny Farm. So they were really excited when my cousins from back east came for a visit and we went to join them for a BBQ. 

We loved these brand-new baby ducklings!

The babies would sneak out through the holes in the fence, but as soon as we would get close, they would all scurry right back in to their momma.

This little miss liked the ducks, but she was happiest just to be with her Grandma...

And she was kind of excited about the kitties...

These two just adore her. She is one loved little girl.

My second-cousin, Caitlin, and her daughter, Faith. I used to babysit Caitlin when she was about this size. There's something neat, yet depressing about seeing kids you used to babysit with kids of their own.

The baby kittens got lots of love this night...

Lawson even asked Uncle Earl to take us on a "haystack ride." It was their favorite part of the day. =)

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Frau said...

Caitlin is definitely related to you guys. Just look at that smile!