Saturday, April 9, 2011

color wonder.

Somedays it seems like this little miss is in to EVERYTHING! 
Corey said the other day that he didn't remember the other two getting in this much stuff. 
But I reminded him... we didn't have as much stuff then. 
And most of the things that we did have were age appropriate. 
We didn't have jars of markers sitting around when Sophie and Lawson were 17 months old. 

Since Gretchie loves markers so much, I finally got her some of her own... 
Love these Color Wonder markers. They aren't cheap, but they sure are nice for 17 month olds.

My furniture should be safe again. For now. 

One of the many things on my To-Do-List for this weekend? 
Wash the off-white couch slipcover and hope the orange marker washes out.  
It already came off the refrigerator. 


Toni :O) said...

Color Wonder is SO awesome! I so wish they had those around when I had toddlers. Gretchie is so adorable...I love her little tongue sticking out.

Christina said...

So sweet...the third is into everything! I tell people that Eliana (age 3) thinks she is 10 (her oldest sibling). haha I used to stick her in a high chair with markers and paper and she was the happiest! She would also end up the greenest and the brownest or whatever, but so happy! :)