Saturday, September 27, 2008

ladybug day.

Can you see the ornery written all over these faces?

Wednesday was Ladybug Day.
The other first grade teachers said their classes were crazy and off the wall all day.
My class? Seriously the best day we have had in a long time.
Now Thursday and Friday were another story...

Apparently if we do fun, special activities all day long, they will be the most delightful children ever. It's just when I try and do those darn things like reading, writing and math... then things get a little off the wall.

But, looking on the bright side... we still have Apple Day, Kansas Day and 100's Day to celebrate this year. I guess I can count on at least 3 more delightful days. :)

30 days down.
145 to go.
It's gonna be a long year.


Grandma said...

It sounds like you are going to have to be very creative and teach in non traditional ways!! Unfortunatly, since you have to teach in prep for state assessments, that can't always be done. You will get there and since I had many challanges in my career, I am understanding your frustration!

Grandma said...

That last comment wasn't from Grandma, but that is the name I use for Amy's blog and that is what came up-sorry. It is from Vicki

Amanda said...

What?!?!??! You mean you can't be creative and teach in non traditional ways anymore because of test prep...are you kidding me? What is this world coming to? That means 1st grade probably isn't even fun anymore!