Tuesday, July 24, 2007

lincoln park.

We visited a new park last night. (It helps to have insider information about the parks in town!) This one was very cool. A couple things I had never seen at a park before and you moms will notice... no sand! Squishy rubber stuff.

Lawson was the first one down the big slide. My little daredevil is back!

We love to go up the slides!

This was Sophie most of the evening... just a blur as she zipped from one thing to the next. So much fun!


Kristin said...

Love the squishy stuff - no muddy feet or mulch in the sandals!

traci said...

sounds like a great park! again, I have never seen this "squishy stuff" you all are talking about but it does sound much better than sand, mulch or rocks.

Wixo said...

We have a few parks here with the squishy stuff, I agree very nice on the knees. Especially when you're one and your little legs go so fast that your body can't keep up.