Friday, July 13, 2007


The view out of our kitchen windows will never be the same. The trees are gone. I know it is necessary, and a garage and new driveway will be very, very nice. But I'll miss my trees.

Corey reminded me, though, that the real sadness is yet to come. The corner of our garage will sit right where this beautiful maple tree is. My favorite tree.

So pretty in the fall. I think I will cry when this day comes.

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traci said...

OH NO!! I feel your pain!! I adore me, there is no such thing as an ugly tree. Our backyard is full of trees so we have little to no sun which means we have a huge issue with growing trees. My husband has mentioned cutting a few just so we can have some green grass. I can not bear the thought of cutting down one single tree!!!! I would rather have brown grass than have one tree go down. I could never live in a brand new neighborhood with no I live in an older neighborhood for several reason but the trees are one for sure. Love your blog and by the have GORGEOUS kiddos!!