Monday, July 9, 2007

froggy pool.

We met our friends Jody, Gracie and Jada at the froggy pool today. Managed to get in about 10 minutes of "swimming" before the rain started. But we got a little wet, shared some yummy snacks and had a little fun.

Sophie and Gracie


My little dare devil got on the froggy slide once. I had to drag him down (crying) by his feet.


Aren't they cute?!


Wixo said...

Wow, Gracie looks exactly like Jody. She's gotten so big since I left, what a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Sarah wants to go on the froggy slide!

Anonymous said...

Hey, it was fun... if even for only 20 minutes! We love the froggy pool! Can't tell you how many people say that Gracie looks like me. Hmm... poor girl.. I thought she was pretty cute!~JODY

Amy said...

We get that, too. I've decided to take it as a compliment when people say Sophie looks just like me because I think she's pretty cute! :) You should do the same!

megan said...

i thought the same thing! i wondered Jody who? then saw the first picture and said Oh that jody! just from her little girl who i never seen! funny.
what cracks me up is when people say all the time forever that one child looks just like you and then out of the blue someone will say the complete opposite! like really? you think she looks like craig? huh.

and your door looks great! you will have chalk on many other things though...just a warning.