Tuesday, July 3, 2007

girls night!

Have I mentioned what a sweet husband I have? Not long ago I got my wonderful night alone and then Friday I got an oh-so-fun girl's night! An all night scrap/swim/slumber party (except it was too rainy to swim.) Way too much food... many good friends... cute flip flops... more food... chick flicks... lots of laughs... lots of scrapbooking... and still more food. We didn't start scrapbooking until almost 11 pm. Angela and I called it a night at 5:30 am! Slept a few hours and started scrappin' again at 9:30. (I got 13 pages done!) Finally headed home at 2 pm! Corey even took the kids, by himself, to a 4th of July parade here in town. Such a good husband and daddy. I really am spoiled.

p.s. I made it all afternoon with only a 45 minute nap on the way to a family wedding. Didn't get home and everyone in bed until almost 11 pm. Thank goodness for Diet Dr. Pepper!

Thanks, Di for hosting! We really should make this an annual thing!


aLexandra said...

que divertido!
yo tambien quiero una noche asi con mis amigas :)
'cause girls just wanna have fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm just now getting around to exploring your blog. This pic brings back happy memories (sleepy ones, too!)...yes, perhaps, we will make it an annual thing...next time we might even make it to the pool!