Saturday, July 7, 2007

fun times.

Supper at McDonalds.
Playing at the park.
Making a 5 minute stop at someone's house that turned into an hour of fun.

I love the small town moments like tonight. We stopped by the house of a former student of mine to look at their garage. (They built it with a loft above, similar to what we're planning.) We really only intended to stop a few minutes, ask a few questions and take a quick peek. We ended up digging in the sand, petting the dog, playing with McDonald's toys, climbing a tall climbing wall and going down a big slide! The kids had so much fun. We had such good conversation. And it made me feel so old that little curly haired Mason is going to be in high school. (He was in my first 1st grade class. It's really been that long?!)


Pam said...

Seriously. Is that my old neighbor, Mason??? I can't believe he's going to be in high school!! My kids are going to freak. They still talk about he and Emily. :)

Wish you'd have taught one of my kids 1st grade...

Amy said...

It is your old neighbor, Mason. He was so sweet with my kids, too. Very babysitter-like.

Wasn't I supposed to have Jake? Before you found it necessary to move to Iowa?

Pam said...

Yeah. You were. I think we missed out! :)