Thursday, July 19, 2007


I don't think Lawson ever stopped talking on the hour ride home. He talked about his fruit snacks, cows, giving papa a kiss, more cows, giving grandma a hug, going to the froggy pool, cows that were like papa's cows, grandma's kitty that was sick, the Wiggies, and still more cows. (I had gotten lucky on the way there... he hadn't noticed all the cows out his window.)

He was also singing (loudly), calling me a silly goose (and then giggling hysterically) and hollering, "Wake up, Sopie! Wake up, Sopie!" I kept telling him to let Sophie sleep and somehow, she did.

Pretty soon I hear, "Mommy, wook at me. Mommy, wook at me. I go nite-nite." Such a little copycat.

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