Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Lawson has become a little pro at stalling at bedtime. Our routine is: read books, rock, stand and hold/sway, kiss, lay down and pat. This can all be accomplished in 10 minutes. Lately, before you can lay him down he needs socks. Then lotion on his cheeks. Then a hug. Then a kiss. Once you do get him laid down it's: "Mommy pat you more."
Then I say good night and go to walk away. He pops up. "One more hug. One more kiss."
The last 2 nights it's been: "I blow Mommy kiss at door." And we blow a couple kisses at each other.
Tonight as I go to shut the door (finally) I hear, "I missed. Mommy, I missed." He had "missed" the kiss I had blown to him and he had to have another.

Who taught him this???

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