Monday, July 2, 2012

world's best neighbors.

One of the things we are going to miss most about this house is our awesome neighbors. 
Seriously... some of the best neighbors you can imagine. We have made so many fun memories together! Garage sales, block parties, dinners together, swimming together, crafting together, shopping together and just hours and hours and hours spent standing outside talking. 

I love these girls. Mary moved across town awhile back, but we still consider them neighbors. And we all wanted to get together one last time before we move. 

Mary is an amazing cook and loves to host, so we all got together at their house. The kids hit the Bonzai right away. (Two friends with an awesome toy like this! How lucky are my kids?!) The 100+* temps didn't bother the kids at all. 

Mary really wanted lobsters. Live lobsters, shipped from Maine. But they settled on crab legs, instead.

There was pizza, cheesey bread, corn on the cob with a really yummy sauce and feta cheese, Red Lobster biscuits, parmesan potatoes, coleslaw and fresh fruit. And the crab legs. Which I didn't touch. (Seafood = bleck) Mary offered to make something else for me, but I assured her I was perfectly content with just side dishes. =)

And it wouldn't be a neighborhood girls get-together without these... Amy D's yummy mint mojitos. So good.

The big kids (minus Jonah, who was at camp) ate outside...

The littlest girls got to stay inside with the grown-ups...

We wanted a group picture and the girls made me pose with the stinky crab legs. Jenn, Mary, me and Amy D.

The kids just played and played and played. And the grown-ups just talked and talked and talked. It's what we all do best.

If I had more time, I would go back through all my old pictures and find more of us all together.
Maybe someday.

We have loved this house for lots of reasons, but these amazing neighbors are one of the biggest reasons. (And now I'll have super fun neighbors for a year! And then cows. Bummer.) They have all already promised us a road trip to visit in the near future. (We may have bribed them with a really, really yummy fried chicken place in town!)

Thank you, sweet neighbors.
For all the laughs. All the stories. All the food shared. All the food ingredients borrowed. =)
You are all the best and we will miss you terribly.
Yay for Harrison Street!


Mary Ellen Hodge said...

I love your post Amy! If I would have know I would start my blog the very next day, I would have taken more pictures! I actually tried to post the one of all of us, but for some reason, I have to cut my pictures down to 4MB and that cut out half of us! I couldn't do that! We will miss you guys a ton! That yummy eating place will always be a great excuse to take a trip to visit you!

jenn said...

Looks like a great way to celebrate your time together on Harrison Street! Good friends two/three/four doors away are definitely the best :)

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

I love this so much!!

It's just a new season of life you're entering, that's all. A new season, with cow neighbors. ;-) And a season where old friends have to travel a bit to see you. But they will do it.