Saturday, November 29, 2008


So many things to be thankful for...

this little man, who makes me laugh more than anyone else, snuggles better than anyone else and gives the best hugs ever.

this sweet little girl that I get to see at school each day.

this great guy, for the way he loves me and the way he loves these little people of ours.

this gianormous dog,

because even though I liked her better when she was this size...

my kids weren't scared of little dogs. Now they're realizing big dogs aren't so scary either.

these little people, even though they make me crazy somedays.

this new pretty blue vacuum.

wonderful grandparents who live close enough to come visit often.

wonderful neighbors.

wonderful friends (these are only just a few)

the wonderful forgiveness that I am given each day, even though I am so undeserving.

This list doesn't even come close to naming all the things I am thankful for.
Praying that I will always remember how very blessed I am.
And how thankful I should be, each and every day.

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Anonymous said...

Is gianormous a real word?