Saturday, November 15, 2008


Marley's sister, Bella, came over to play...

Bella is being trained as a therapy dog at my school. Part of her training is learning to stop playing and come to her owner when she is called. She'll work on that another day... today they just got to play.

Bella's coat is very different from Marley's... finer fur and not nearly as thick.
Leaves don't do this on Bella...

Do you know how hard it is to get tiny leaf crumbles out of a big, squirmy dog?
Pretty hard.
Our house is constantly covered in leaves.

Miley came over to show off her cute orange sweater.

But she wasn't too sure about these big crazy dogs that just wanted to wrestle and chase.

So much fun to see the two of the together! They really had a ball!
Do you think they remember each other?
We couldn't decide.

But we will be having more playdates for these two, that's for sure!

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