Saturday, November 22, 2008

lawson says...

Because he makes me laugh every day,
and because I don't want to forget...

gorillas = bu-gillas
bologna = bu-boney
vinegar = big-e-ner
Miss Witsy = Miss Sitsy (Sophie's blanket)
turkey = tor-key
pretend = free-tend (I'm just freetending!)
vacuum = bacuum
stuff or things = junk (I can't even carry all this junk. I need to use all this junk. Look at all that junk.)


L: Mommy, you're my best friend!
M: And you're my favorite little man!
L: No, I'm your favorite big man!
M: Then what's Daddy?
L: He's a dog.

(two minutes later)
L: Mommy, will you help me wash my hands?
M: I thought you were a big man. Big men don't need help washing their hands.
L: I'm not a big man. I'm your tiny little baby Wawson.


Only Miss Hannigan can say bad words, right Mommy?
Because she's a mean lady.
And pirates.
(fyi: the bad words he's talking about are "Shut up")

Okey-doke, artichoke.

I think bu-gillas is my favorite.
Corey thinks I should correct him and teach him to say it the right way.
But that's not cute.
And really... it's not like he'll be in 1st grade still calling them bu-gillas.
I'm enjoying it while I still can.


Aaron and Shannon said...

I agree with you! Eli says "aminals". It's so cute that a lot of the time, I say it that way!

Courtney said...

i LOVE that stuff! good job for "writing" it down - because we WILL forget one day!