Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My kids love to go to the dentist.
They argue about who gets to go first.
Lawson won this time.

I think they love Anna more than anything.
She gives them sunglasses to wear when she turns on the "bright sunshine" and she lets them play with Mr. Squirtbug and Mr. Thirsty. (aka: the thing that squirts water and the suction thing... they have actual dental equipment names, I suppose)

They don't even mind when she "tickles their gums" with her "gum tickler." (aka: the spinny polishing thing that Mommy can't stand! It gives me the shivers and makes my skin crawl just thinking about it. I am all about that salt water blast stuff now, Anna!)

Anna put this heavy blanket on Lawson so he wouldn't float away while she took pictures of his teeth. (Can you tell they are exceptionally good with kids here?!)

They love choosing different flavors, too. I think they both got bubblegum polishing stuff and cotton candy flouride!

Sophie's turn...

Look what happened when Anna tried to polish Sophie's very loose tooth...

Checking out her new smile!

Thanks Anna, for making our trips to the dentist so fun!
Our kids adore you!

(But we haven't told Sophie about the cavity yet!)

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Anonymous said...

That's alright bide your time. (about the cavity:) She will figure it out soon enough when you bring her back in. Kids like these are what makes my job fun and worthwhile. Makes me want to go to work when I have a schedule full of them. Hope you guys have a great holiday season. Anna