Sunday, November 30, 2008

more lawson.

At supper tonight, Lawson was telling us all about what it means to be blind and how Jesus made a blind man see. (Good teaching, Meg!)

Jesus made him see, cuz Jesus can do anything.
Like if you got hurt, Jesus could make you all better.
And if you had a bruise on your leg, like this one (pulling up pant leg and showing off latest bruise), Jesus could make it better.
And if you got stuck on a spiderweb, Jesus could get you out.
And if you couldn't juggle, Jesus could show you how.
Or if you couldn't hang up the towel, Jesus could help you.

Jesus could do all that stuff, cuz Jesus can do anything!

Do you see why he makes me laugh more than anyone else?
Love, love, love this little man.


Aaron and Shannon said...

Too cute! By the way, I was tagging you in my previous blog!

Kristi said...