Saturday, November 15, 2008


It was L week at pre-school...

Lawson chose a cute little bag full of lipstick to take for show and tell. (Corey was very proud. We did suggest other things, but he had his mind made up.)

He came home with this cute little ladybug...

It bugs me when...

I go to sleep and Sophie pushes me off the bed.

So... I don't really think that this has been happening in our house, but I could be wrong. I've missed out on stuff before.
But I'm pretty sure I would notice Sophie going in to Lawson's room and pushing him off the bed at night.

Funny little man.

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amy said...

Little Amy~
I heart your blog! I hear you are a new auntie! Congratulations! Email me at! I would love to chit chat with you!
Big amy
PS~Tell that little Sophie to stop pushing Lawson out of bed! Wink, Wink! :)