Friday, November 7, 2008

fall party.

Because the 4th of July only happens once year...
we celebrated our first annual fall block party last weekend!

The weather could not have been more perfect... the games were great... the food was wonderful... our neighbors really are the best!

Miss Amy is the queen of face painting...

but next year we'll reverse the order of these two activities.
Bobbing for apples should come first.

Since the kids all dressed up the night before, we decided to dress up the dogs!
My plan was to put a baby powder stripe down the middle of Marley's back and have her go as a skunk. But, I made a trip to Wal-Mart an hour before the party (for all my food and baby pumpkins!) and came home with skeleton costume.
$2 on the Halloween clearance rack.

For those who may be curious, a 4 month old golden doodle wears a size 5T long sleeve t-shirt.

And bonus... this t-shirt is now in the closet for Lawson to wear next year!

Emmie was a wiggly little hula dancer...

I think London liked her the best!

Marley's brother, Waffle, came as Clifford.

Miley was a Chiefs cheerleader and there was a fluffy little Pomeranian pirate.

Waffle was the big winner and won a bag of chew toys and biscuits!

Next activity: Pumpkin Lauching!

Our water balloon launcher works really, really well with baby pumpkins!

Since the kids found the old cat and mouse costumes at the last minute, Sophie got to wear her Dorothy costume the day after Halloween.

And because you can't let the kids have all the fun...

The big kids stood at the end of the block and tried to catch the pumpkins in buckets and baskets. Do you see Scott? Clear past the baricades? These pumpkins were really flying!

Megan's cute yellow bucket had dents in the bottom of it!

Time to eat!
Each family brought a different crock pot full of soup (do you see the extension cords?) So much yummy food!

And finally... pumpkin bowling!
Which led to pumpkin throwing, pumpkin smashing, pumpkin stomping and pumpkin chasing. And running from pumpkin eaters.

Oh, how I wish I had a picture of this... Sophie in her Dorothy dress and sparkly red shoes, riding her bike wildly, carrying a chunk of smashed pumpkin, chasing after the boys. And Amy, humming the Wicked Witch of the West song. Too funny!

But... all the pumpkin smashing kept the kids entertained down at the other end of the block while the adults cozied up around the two campfires. The fires and blankets made us warm on the outside... the spiked apple cider made us warm and fuzzy on the inside! :)

It was such a fun day!
We are so lucky to live in this neighborhood.
So blessed by the neighbors that we have.
Check out Megan's blog for more fun pictures.

And seriously... two houses for sale... right here on this block.
See how much fun we are?!


Courtney said...

you DO have the best neighborhood! what fun!

Aaron and Shannon said...

YOu guys do look like you have a lot of fun! Too bad we just moved a year ago! That's just down the street from my in-laws too!

Jennifer said...

It was so much fun! Any ideas for winter? Sophie is really concentrating with the pumpkin lauch.

Rawya Shatila said...

really nice photos...