Sunday, September 14, 2008


Since it seemed like it would never stop raining...

Why not play in the puddles?

Love these little froggy boots.

These khaki shorts are currently soaking in a bucket of soapy water.

This was our backyard on Saturday. Marley is getting to use the front yard to go potty.

Corey says this isn't accurate, but it seems pretty close.

Cloudy and windy today, but no rain in the forecast.
Praying for outside recess this week!


Anonymous said...

They soaked in bleach and soap and they are still dirty. I think there ruined.

amy said...

I threw away an adorable little outfit this weekend that Elly wore to school on Thursday. She had a lot of fun playing on the tire swings in the wet sand. Soaked it and sprayed it and washed it twice... I so don't like throwing clothes away but it was beyond repair.

Amy said...

Anonymous is my favorite Mr. Mom. :)

Aaron and Shannon said...

I hear ya, with the praying for outside recess! It's a little too early to be in as much as we have been already!!

amy d said...

great muddy puddle photos, love the one of him wearing one boot and carrying the other. miley wanted nothing to do with going potty in the rain, so we had to revert back to puppy training pads, worked though! i'm guessing marley can't feel the rain through all of that fur :)