Sunday, September 28, 2008


Corey spent most of the weekend doing this...

22 fence panels, approximately 150 feet of all American white picket fence.
It will be replaced this week with 6 foot cedar fence and wrought iron.
Miss Marley will be happy to run free in the yard.
Miss Miley won't be jumping the fence anymore.
Mommy will feel safer having little people alone in the backyard.

Corey just wanted to get rid of all this fence.
A FREE sign on the curb. A burn pile. Anything.

I wanted to try listing it on craiglist. Corey thought it was a waste of time, but was willing to humor me. I listed it for $75. After 2 hours, I had a phone call. Later, there were 2 more. This afternoon we helped a really nice guy and his wife load it up in a trailer and happily took our $75.
Yay for me!


amy d said...

yes, i'm praying miss miley won't be jumping the fence anymore!!! i think i would go crazy if she does!!

k1 said...

Looks like a big job! Hope she stays put :)