Sunday, September 14, 2008


Look who I got to spend my afternoon with...

I helped host a baby shower for my friend, Lisa and her sweet, sweet baby girl.

Pure pink.

I love her little daisy pacifer.

Is there anything cuter than a giant baby yawn?

I think Megan hoped that she could hide Brookelyn in this John Deere blanket and sneak out the door with her. Her little face could make anyone want another baby.

And how cute is Brookelyn's big brother, Nicholas? She has two more brothers at home.

This is such a special little girl.
So loved. So cherished. So wanted.
We all have so many memories of her sister, Michelle.
I'm so thankful that God blessed Matt and Lisa with another baby girl.
She is perfect.


Mom said...

She is absoulutely precious.

meg duerksen said...

yes. i wanted to keep her.