Monday, August 27, 2007


* The Star Kisses were just as messy the second time around. And this time, Lawson chose to have a meltdown on the way to the bathtub and bury his messy little face into my white t-shirt. My new white Eddie Bauer t-shirt. It's in the wash right now. My fingers are crossed. I told Corey he would not be buying anymore star kisses.

* Corey's been sick all weekend. Fever, achy, chills, cough. He stayed home from work today and got a couple prescriptions, blood work and a shot at the dr's office. He informed me tonight that fever is a sign of cancer. I love the man very, very much, but I'll be very happy when he is no longer dying. :)

* Lumber was delivered today. Contractor is finishing a kitchen for a lady who apparently keeps adding more and more things to his list. Hoping tomorrow will be his last day there. Progress will be exciting, but the kids will be sad to have walls start going up. It's the best bike riding place!

* Glance over at the swingset during recess today and wonder why there is a crowd gathered. One delightful little fella is swinging in way too big pants with his waistband now down around his thighs. Shooed the kids away, got him off the swing, and got the little Superman underpants covered back up. There's never a dull moment in first grade.

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Pam said...

How is Corey? Is he any better? Seriosly, the "dying" thing gets old fast. ;) ha!

Your Monday sounded busy! Glad you got Superman back in his place...