Thursday, October 10, 2013


It seems like it's been forever since I posted here and I have so many random things to share. 
Things are good. Busy and overwhelming at times, but good. 
October is always our crazy month. 
We have 3 birthdays in the next 10 days... birthday parties to throw and host... birthday presents to buy(!)... football practices and games... musical practices (the high school is doing "Wizard of Oz" this year and Sophie is a munchkin!)... it's just a busy, busy month. 

So... just a bit of the fun and randomness we've been up to the past few weeks... 

The kids and I were in a parade in our little school town. Sophie was on the other side of the float and I was walking (jogging, at times!) beside. It was a short little parade, but lots of fun.

Gretchen's daycare even had a little float. She chickened out at the last minute (no surprise to me) and just watched the parade with her grandmas and Corey. How sweet are they, though? So, so thankful for Katie and all the smiles she brings to our girl's day. (She's the one in the overalls and pigtails.)

There was also a little carnival/festival at the park that day. Lawson wanted his face painted and I agreed, but this wasn't really what I had in mind...

I am quickly adjusting to this whole being in the country thing. I do love the quiet and the calm. Those are two things that don't happen regularly in my occupation: quiet and calm. I like it. (I also like being able to stay in my pajamas all day on the weekends and not worry about having to see anyone.) =)

Sophie doing her homework one day. Odd... but, whatever. She was doing her homework.

The kids were so happy to get the trampoline set up again. Corey's been working hard to get rid of the white trash look we had going on in the driveway and garage. We're almost there. =)

We decided our mailbox needed a little love. Vera and Elmer (Corey's grandpa) lived in the house that we tore down. Apparently Frank Whitely lived here at one point, too.

This mailbox is a little more me. =)

We were even visited by a little pumpkin fairy one day. Pretty sure we figured out who it was, but so fun to know that even in the country, there are still sweet neighbors. (Maybe not neighbors you can walk and visit, but still...)

This sign sat on the floor in our old house for years. Seriously. Corey bought it for me one year for Christmas, I think. It was sweet, but the saying "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" wasn't that significant to either of us. We finally hung it up when we were trying to sell the house. I decided to make it a little more "me," too. Or a little more "us."You'll see the finished product soon.

Since momma was painting, someone else wanted to paint, too...

She is the best little laundry helper I've ever had. I'm pretty sure she folds better than her brother or her sister.

Corey found snakes the other day. 3 of them. The kids were pretty interested, but this is as close as I got. They wanted me to come see them, but I told Corey that if I don't see them, then I can continue to believe there are no snakes out here. And I'm choosing to believe that as long as I can.

Our FARMSTEAD sign finally has the perfect home. It makes me smile. (See... pajamas. All day long.)

This is the main reason the sign makes me smile...  We miss you, Amy D!

Our other favorite neighbors gave us the sweetest little housewarming gift. It may have been 6 weeks after we moved in, but still... so fun. =) I think one of Meagan's love languages must be gifts. She gives some of the sweetest little gifts. {Our first welcome gift  and our fun Christmas gift} So blessed by such sweet and wonderful friends. 

This fun house warming gift was from my sister. She thought these red and white polka dot knives would be perfect in my kitchen. Aren't they?! They are crazy sharp little knives, too! Loving them!

And we got this happy little plant from Corey's sister this weekend. {This little plant actually came off of a tiny little plant that I gave to the bridesmaids in our wedding. Heather apparently has a greener thumb than I do, because she has kept that little plant alive for over 15 years! The original plant was my roommates in college! Crazy.} 

Until now, this was the only plant in my house... {my little fake one from Ikea.}

Just a glimpse of our week last week... {it pays to have connections at school sometimes...}

We may have taken Jack his favorite cake the next day as a little thank you. =) 

I finally restocked my favorite sprinkles and was able to deliver some thank you cookies to a few people at school, too.

 Gretchen giving Corey a haircut... {We really stressed the just pretending part! No more selfie haircuts for this little miss! Fingers crossed!!}

 Our evening cow watering crew...

 Random bit of cow trivia... apparently the two bulls switched pastures the other day. Isn't that crazy? Corey has no idea how it happened, but it did. I like to picture one of the bulls stepping on the electric fence, holding it down while his buddy steps over to the other side. Corey's pretty sure that's not quite what happened, but I'm not convinced. =)


Toni :O) said...

Love seeing everything coming together. Some day I'll have a Jammie day again. Been too long since I had one of those.

sundancesally said...

Really enjoyed seeing your pictures and reading what's been going on with you and your family. Sure miss seeing you and talking to you each day.

Kristin said...

So glad to see what's up with y'all. The girls keep asking if there is a new post yet! Love the Beauty Shop!