Saturday, October 26, 2013

family party.

Last weekend was busy, busy, busy with parties and celebrating my girls. 
Friend party Saturday, family party Sunday, and then I hosted a potluck lunch for our staff on our inservice day Monday. (I think I counted up 34 people that were here in 3 days. Why waste a clean house, right?) =) 

My sister and her 7 kids were for a week on their way back to Texas from Colorado. It was perfect timing for them to celebrate with us! This year was our largest family party yet! (And we were even missing Aunt Heather, Uncle Brian and Madi!)

The trampoline is always a hit... although one cousin was mad I wouldn't put the sprinkler underneath it. =) 

Our house was invaded with 400 flies. My mom and mother-in-law were on a mission to kill as many as possible... (and the flies were retreating to the high ceiling.)
{ I literally just fished a dead fly out of my coffee cup as I was working on this. Why did no one warn me about the crazy flies when you live in the country?! }

These two make me smile... 

I loved having lots of family over... having the basement for kids to play in (and make a mess in)... having lots of room for people to spread out and eat and talk. It made me happy. =)

A hot pink full length mirror for her room...

Still can't believe she's 4... 

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Danielle H. said...

We frequent a seafood/catfish restaurant and they have garage doors that open during nice weather, i.e. a week or two in the Spring and Fall. Pretty darn hot here in Texas!! They have clear bags (like you'd get when you buy minnows for bait) filled with water hanging around the doors - probably 2 or 3. Supposedly they keep flies away, and I've never seen a fly in there. Google it - it might help!