Sunday, August 29, 2010

frog day.

Second grade always starts the year with a unit on Frog and Toad. They finish their unit with "Frog Day!" 

We didn't have any luck catching our own frog, but one of Corey's co-workers helped him out. These guys were huge!  (Green Bean and Brownie)

Our favorite 2nd grade teacher! She's not only cute, she's crazy brave! Look at her holding all these giant frogs! 

There were two circles (and 60 kids sitting around them). They put the frogs on an X and then counted 3 jumps. A parent measured and the designated "frog catchers" tried to catch the frogs. (A few of them made a speedy exit under the fence and headed for the creek behind the school.) She gave the kids a little lecture before they started about how we're not going to freak out if one the frogs jumps towards you/on you. (But I'm pretty sure I would freak out if one of these frogs jumped in my lap!)

There were quite a few shrieks and screams and scrambling children after the first giant bullfrog jumped towards the crowd. (It was around this time that Corey said, "I could never be a teacher. I would be screaming at these kids.")

Someone asked if we got a picture of Sophie with her frog. This is about as close as she got to it.  :) 

Thankfully Mrs. Childs isn't a big chicken when it comes to frogs.  Happy Frog Day! 


Amanda said...

man Jody is the cutest, frog-touching teacher in the world!!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Ewww!! Eww. Ewww. Eww.

I shrieked just looking at those!!

Jody is a frog rock star.

I LOVE the picture of Sophie and her friends huddled up together.

Holly said...

it looks more like Sophie is comforting all her friends than not trying to touch the frog...I see one fierce mama bear there ;-)

amy d said...

the picture of the girls all huddled together cracked me up!