Saturday, August 14, 2010


Moving to a new classroom stinks. 
I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed at this point. 

I was trying to figure out today why I feel so behind. Then I realized that I've spent hours doing things that for the past 10 years I haven't had to do... hanging up my alphabet line, my number line, my number words, colors, team numbers...  Plus, having to do crazy things like change my 100 word wall words from velcro (to stick on my felt word wall) to magnetic (to now stick on my chalkboard). And my entire calendar board (which is a lot of stuff) can no longer be on a bulletin board, so it needed to be made magnetic, too. 

Not to mention trying to figure out how to arrange things in this new (smaller) room. Several people have commented that they didn't realize how much smaller these rooms are... until they saw it full of all the furniture that used to fit in my old room. 

But at least today I was able to encourage some of my fellow teachers. A few of them walked into my room at various times and then commented that they didn't feel so bad about their own rooms after seeing mine. I ended up staying a little later than I planned... I was getting a little freaked out by the people who would walk in my room and get a look of worry/panic as they looked around.

5 days until I have students. 
2 of those days are meetings. 
It's gonna be a busy weekend. 


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

I'm not a teacher, but I do feel overwhelmed for you....It seems as if "back to school" just kind of pooped up on us. I know you'll get it all ready...Best of luck.

The Boccias said...

These pictures are bringing back a lot of feelings/memories!! And I want to come help you! So sorry you have to change rooms; that makes it seem like starting over. BUT at least once you have everything set up, you know what you're doing teaching-wise! Praying you have a great start to your year!

Anonymous said...

I moved to a new room last year so I feel your pain. We couldn't even get into the building untill one week before teachers reported. The same day I got to see my mound of boxes at school that needed unpacked we also had carpet laid in our entire upstairs. My house was in boxes stacked on my deck. I cried that day and then got to work. You will get it done. Some things might have to wait and it will be OK. It really will. Hang in there. Thinking of 'ya.

Meg B. said...

I'm with you, I moved two years ago and when I did I just threw stuff into drawers and didn't really think about it. So, two weeks ago I went up to get started and decided I needed a major purge. Six very large trash cans later and multiple piles of discarded furniture and boxes later, I feel organized and ready to go. I went up to work this morning, not realizing that my room on the second floor would not have air conditioning over the weekend. I quickl finished up and grabbed some stuff to work on at