Sunday, August 29, 2010

end of summer.

(I forgot about the pictures from these last two posts! Playing catch up here!) 

Our neighbors hosted a Back to School Ice Cream/Movie party! So much fun!! 

Jumping on the trampoline... 

And every kind of ice cream and topping you can imagine! 

Then when the sun started to set, everyone found a pillow, picnic table, blanket or chair... and we watched a movie outdoors! (UP... which I love. So sweet.)

A nice thing about living across the street... when Miss Gretchen got sleepy, I walked home, put her to bed and set the monitor on the front porch. Much more fun than wrestling with a tired baby.

Thanks again, Craig and Megan! We had a great time!!
(You can see more pictures on Megan's blog!)

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