Tuesday, June 29, 2010

tractors and corn.

Corey was back helping his brother with harvest this past weekend. We went out to visit (and got lost... there is a big difference between "Turn on the 2nd dirt road" and actually needing to turn on the 3rd dirt road. Especially fun when cell phone service is very spotty, you're driving a mini-van with 3 kids and it's 98* out.) But we made it. 

Unfortunately, they were dealing with a flat tire on one of the grain trucks, so we had some time to kill. Thank goodness for tractors and corn fields! 

Sophie didn't find driving the tractor quite as exciting as Lawson... 

Gretchie wasn't too sure about the tractor either. (But she was also very, very tired. And very, very hot.) 

Uncle Casey's back! Time for the real fun to start... 

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amy d said...

looks like driving a tractor is lawson's calling...not so much for sophie. :)