Friday, June 11, 2010


I had so much fun in college. So much fun. 
Mainly because of some amazing friends that I had. 

Heather and I met our freshman year. She lived next door to me and thought I was a snobby sorority girl. (which I was neither, thank you very much!) We bonded quickly and were pretty much inseparable for the next 3 years. (I got married the summer before my senior year.) 

We met Neva our sophomore year. I chose to live in the dorms again, but got a room by myself. Neva was my RA and lived next door. 

The three of us (and JoAnn, too!) had so much fun together! We all had boyfriends that were far away. We spent many, many evenings and weekends hanging out. (No, they're not mooning anyone. Just pretending.)  :) 

It had been years since I had seen either of them! (Which is sad, since we all live less than 30 minutes away from each other.) So the other day, we got together. The 3 of us, and our 7 kids! 
(I don't know what kind of setting I had my camera on for this picture!) 

The kids all had lots of fun playing together! (Sophie and Lawson were so excited to get to jump on a trampoline again! They have really been missing ours this summer!) 

Neva found a snail without a shell. She's a cool mom who will hold slimy things like snails without shells. I just took pictures. :) 

It was so good to just hang out, talk, laugh and get caught up on each other's lives. Just like old times! 
Gretchen was getting a wee bit tired at this point. For Gretchen, tired = squirmy. Very, very squirmy. 

Heather and Neva were both impressed with how quiet and content this little miss was. Such a good baby! 

Heather and Neva... it was so fun to see you both and meet your kids! Let's do it again sometime soon! 


Courtney said...

nothing like old friends! loved the old pictures! i knew our anniversaries were so close (the same??) but i guess i didn't realize you got married between your jr and sr year, too - or i'm just forgetting, which is very possible! :-)

Chad and Jody said...

makes me want to pull out my college albums. it's so fun to get together with college friends- especially now that we have kids! weird to see sometimes though